July 8th, 2020 Comments Off on HERO 1 & ROS?

When I was young – early ’80s – I was in the boy scouts. During one of our events, one of the parents introduced us to a Heathkit Hero 1. It was the first time I realized Robots were real.

I found a complete Hero 1 robot on eBay, and had to have it! It has sat on a a shelf for over a year now. I was recently inspired by a restoration video to fix it up.

Through the grapevine, I was introduced to a Robotics historian, who has a cache of components – and upgrades!

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be doing a teardown, cleanup and rebuild… I’ll post progress shots. Maybe even do videos…

If you are reading this – cool. It’s been forever since I posted.

I work professionally with the Robot Operating System – ROS…. Once it is up and running – maybe I’ll ROS enable it.


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