Fabr v3

May 8th, 2009 § Comments Off on Fabr v3 § permalink

Fabr v2 uses a moving platform for the Z axis. This means it has a maximum volume is quite difficult to change. The platform requires a significant number of moving parts. I had been wondering if I could change fabr so that one axis could be changed out…

For Fabr v3, I wanted to see if I could replace the Y axis with a replaceable platform, driven by an edge motor. With this arrangement, I could replace the platform with any length I needed for the job at hand. I’m not quite sure if this will work, but something I’ve been thinking about.


Super ‘Struder

May 4th, 2009 § Comments Off on Super ‘Struder § permalink

I’ve been having problems keeping the my extruder up to temperature, and eventually, well dissolved my working extruder. So… I’m building a new ‘super extruder’ based on research by nophead’s work.
Super Extruder - business end
Super Extruder - isolation

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