Captured Gear Drive Conclusion – Too Complicated

November 11th, 2008 § 1 comment

Developing the skills to build the captured gear drive took much longer than I had anticipated. When I began the development, I was new to machining, and had never cut a gear before.

The capture gears were difficult to machine. I stack cut the gears using a 24 pitch involute cutter on a 1.08″ blank. I then used a .125″ ball mill and milled a slot into each gear, then parted on the lathe. The parting was fairly problematic as the gear teeth caused too much chatter and ended up binding frequently.

I’m going to say that the captured gear drive experiment was a failure. The main failure is the difficulty in creating the specialized components, and getting the slot to the correct depth to enable the gears to mesh, as well as gripping the cord correctly.

I’m not convinced that the gear drive is better than the direct pulley drive.

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  • Enrique says:

    What about a direct pulley drive using a gear instead of the friction wheel? Just in case the friction wheel does not have enough friction and/or it wears down.

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