October 9th, 2008 Comments Off on Gears

I’ve always loved gears. Who doesn’t? Since getting the lathe and mill, I couldn’t wait to try to make gears. Slowly, over the last year, I’ve acquired the components to make a gear – from the rotary table, the angle plate, the gear cutters, the arbor, the threading attachment so I could make a gear cutting mandrel… I was finally able to make my first set of gears:

These will eventually be the cord engagement gears. I need to mill the 1/8 grove which will capture the cord.

I had much less luck with the smaller pinion gear:

As you can see the teeth aren’t formed correctly. This is actually the 3rd attempt. On my first attempt I accidentally attempted to cut 24 teeth instead of the 13 I was shooting for. I decided the second attempt to cut 12 teeth because it divided cleanly, but forgot to adjust the blank diameter. The third attempt, it looks like I forgot to center the cutter, so it is off… Too late to start a new blank, so left for another night.

For kicks, here’s my gear cutting setup:

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