February 20th, 2008 Comments Off on Hardware!

Things are finally starting to get real. Time for some progress photos!


I ordered a bunch of components from the 8020 garage sale on eBay. I had opted for plastic end joins, and 3 linear motion bearings. The bearings were very expensive, so I may look for something different in the future.

80/20 Structure

Extruder Barrel

I spent a few hours on the extruder this past weekend. Was able to construct the head, heater barrel, and motor mount. I picked up the parts from from the plumbing isle – 4″ brass barrel, coupler, and an square end stop.  I filed the end stop down to a pyramid, and drilled out the inside to reduce the amount of material I needed to punch through with the small bit. In hind sight, I should have hand drilled the extruder hole as 500 rpm was too much for the tiny drill bits – I broke 3 on the attempt. I coated the barrel and coupler with a high temp enamel finish in order to prevent the nichrome wire from shorting out to the barrel.

Here’s the result:

Extruder Head

I also received some HDPE cord from Village Plastics.Here’s 5 lbs:

5lbs of plastic

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