Reduce, Reuse, RE-MAKE, Recycle

February 13th, 2008 Comments Off on Reduce, Reuse, RE-MAKE, Recycle

In other words:Louie: 1Toaster: 0In the beginning of Jimmy Neutron, little Jim launches a satellite made from his mother’s toaster. I couldn’t help but think of the boy genius as I disassembled a toaster, in order to obtain the vital element to my printer’s extruder head.  Buried in the heart of the beast – a twisted network of sheet metal delicately twisted together by an underpaid worker in a foreign land, lay the prize – several feet of Nichrome wire. While therapeutic, the disassembly of the toaster had a lasting impression upon me. The toaster isn’t directly recyclable, yet when I was finished my disassembly I had reduced it to electronics components and wires I could use and sheet metal – which can be directly recycled. While I did end up with some plastic components which could not be identified for recycling, these were put into my chipper box for later reduction to granules – and hopeful later identification.(I love Jack Johnson’s music.)

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