Wireless in Paradise

April 2nd, 2007 § 4 comments

It’s nearly midnight, and I’m lounging on a beach chair by the rocky protected diver cove at Sunset house on the island of Grand Cayman. The dive gear is prepped and Kathy is asleep, but I couldn’t help but sit here and post… It has been quite a month – the last thing on my mind was the blog. I finally have some time to update it.

It’s been one of those months where life seems to be conspiring against you – Everything seeming to come at you at once. We have seen it all – births, deaths, taxes, surgeries, emergencies, fire drills (literal and figurative), house problems… We’ve also had quite a bit of good stuff too – family photographs, visits with friends, friends moving into town, and my parents & brother came to visit.

The last few days have been really calm – we’re on vacation celebrating 5 years of marriage. (Thanks mom & dad for sitting for the kids so we can have a vacation!)

I look forward to diving with my wife. Relaxing. And doing some introspection as I contemplate the “grand master plan”.

I’ve been trying to write some technical posts for the last few weeks – Centering around CoreFoundation & CoreGraphics. I seem to be going nowhere fast on those posts. Hopefully I’ll have something soon.

Anyway, off to bed.

§ 4 Responses to Wireless in Paradise"

  • Fritz says:

    GrandMaster plan?

    I didn’t know you played chess!

  • Adrienne says:

    Lou! Wow, five years- congratulations to you both! It seems like only yesterday.
    I hope our paths cross again some time. I miss chatting with you.
    Take care.

  • Timmy says:

    You say “Wireless in Paradise” … how easy was it to get your Windows Vista Ultimate onto the wireless network? When it asked you for your location the first time it saw a new connection, which did you select? Are you using your Windows Vista Ultimate PC as a Media Center while you are on vacation? I know you worked on Media Center.

    Oh yeah, are you getting constant weather updates and stock quote updates on your Vista Sidebar? You worked on that too, right?

    Did you schedule your entire trip using Windows Calendar that supports the iCalendar format so you can share it with Kathy? Did you guys have a shared trip calendar that you published and she subscribed? I know your friends worked on WinCal and you even had some input.

    Are you using Windows Live Mail for all of your communications between you and Kathy?

    Did you get your kids UMPC devices for the car ride or the flight? I am sure they would love to watch their WMV movies on those devices.

  • lou.amadio says:

    Hi Timmy (or should I say David),

    You are funny 🙂

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